MSIT Sharepoint Reporting Framework v2.1.0

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Released: Oct 9, 2007
Updated: Apr 11, 2008 by corylee
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Source Code FULL MSITSRF2.1.0.txt
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Source Code PATCH MSITSRF2.1.0.txt
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Release Notes

MSIT SharePoint Reporting Framework V2.1.0 an update to v2.0.0 contains fixes and improvements from 2.0.0 .
It is not recommended or supported to do direct queries against production databases. These queries should not be performed against production environments or environments sensitive to query performance. In these environments you could consider running this on a copy in a non production environment.

  • SQL 2005 (SQL 2000 version coming soon)
  • At Least DBCreator Role on Database Server
  • At Least DBReader Role on all SharePoint Databases


New Installation
  • Download FULL Version Script and execute on your non production environment containing your sharepoint databases.
  • Installation will create a new database called 'MetricsOps' and set both Data and Log to autogrow
  • Installation will provision the tables and stored procedures needed to start collecting data right away!
  • To Gather data run all 5 Stored Procedures in the metricsops database (cb_q1_proc, cb_q2_proc, cb_q3_proc, cb_q4_proc, cb_q5_proc)
  • These 5 stored procedures will populate your metricsops database

Patch Installation
  • Download PATCH Version Script and execute on your non production environment containing your metricsops reporting database.
  • Installation will drop all data collection stored procedures and recreate them with the updated procedures
  • Execution is the same

  • Created smart installation wrapper around SQL setup code
  • Multi Farm Support
  • Multi Version Support WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007 RTM +
  • Centralized repository for data collected.
  • Standardized procs for better data aggrigation

  • New cursor style wrapper that improves performance on data gathering.

Data Points Collected
  • Site URL
  • Site Admin
  • RecycleBin (used disk space)
  • Bandwidth Used per Site
  • Site Size
  • Site maximum Quota
  • Site Used Quota
  • SiteID GUID
  • Content Database Name
  • Content Database Server
  • Configuration Database Name
  • Configuration Database Server
  • Last Content Change Date
  • Site Version
  • Servers in Farm
  • SMTP Host Configured for Farm
  • WebID Guid
  • Web URL
  • ParentWebID Guid
  • Web Template Used
  • Language ID Site is using
  • Documents Per web broken out by Document Type
  • Space Used by Document broken out by Document Type
  • Content Database Size Used / Free

Using this data we now have the ability to join and combine data sets to pull many different types of metrics and historical audits.

Metrics that are now possible
  • Configuration Database History - This allows you to track site collections versus content databases. Next time you need to restore a site you wont be stuck playing a guessing game to which content database the site is from.
  • Site Size Tracking - Would you like to know which site is growing more than the others? You can now easily track this.
  • Sites going stale - Running out of space? Need to clean up some unused sites ? This will show you the goods.
  • Recycle Bin Used space - Calculate how much your organization is using the integrated recycle bin feature, usefull for storage capacity planning.
  • Site, Web, Document Tracking - Really feel the pulse of your environment to track how fast it grows. Watch as you put on and take off site collections. Especially usefull for deployments using self site creation.
  • Site broken down by language used - Track how diverse your deployment has become. Helpful in planning regional deployments based on usage.
  • Document Totals - Does your ORG create a substantial more of 1 type of document than the next? See it here.
  • Site Template Tracking - View the most popular look and feel templates that your users enjoy and utilize.
  • and much more..!

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